What was Our Mission?

To empower everyone, every day to fight climate change.

  • I passionately believe that Clara Carbon can make a real difference to the world – it would be morally wrong not to fight for the chance to make that difference – that is what we have done every day and will continue to do as we grow.
  • I do not simply wish for a more sustainable world. Working with Clara Carbon I am committed to implementing it through very concrete actions.
  • Driven by the ambition to make a real, sustainable and positive impact in the world. Clara Carbon enables us to achieve this in reality.
  • I believe that Clara Carbon can facilitate a real environmental revolution, empowering individuals and ever growing communities to work effectively toward a truly sustainable future.
  • Clara Carbon is an exciting and fresh look at climate change. It’s great to bring this project to fruition and open it up to the market.
  • Now is the time for Clara Carbon. Businesses need to give their customers a way to fight climate change together, we can solve this.
  • I believe Clara Carbon is the first truly accessible and affordable option that enables consumers to fight climate change every day.
  • I’m passionate about fighting climate change, but I’m also passionate about honesty & trust in business. Building the blockchain for Clara Carbon gives me the opportunity to do both!