Gift A Tree For Christmas

We’ve teamed up with the Native Woodland Trust so that this year, you can gift your loved ones a tree and fight climate change together.   For just €34 The Native Woodland Trust will plant and maintain a native Irish tree for you in Laragh, Co. Wicklow.   In return, you’ll receive a Digital Certificate (via email) authenticated by the Native Woodland Trust and confirmation of the location of the tree.

Step 1

Download the free Clara Carbon App. Click on the button to the left to bring you to the App Store.

Download the App

Step 2

Make sure that you have enough credit to pay for the tree. It costs €34, so you may need to Top Up your account. Watch this short demo video to see how easy it is.

Step 3

Buy your tree. Simply hit the “Offset Now Button”, then choose “Manual Selection” and hit the + button beside “A tree for Christmas”.

Watch this quick demo video if you need help.

Step 4

We’ll email you a digital cert of your tree planted by the Native Woodland Trust.