Our Projects

Clara Carbon supported carbon mitigation projects right here in Ireland and all over the world.  Read more about some of the projects our subscribers supported.

Plantation – Native Woodland Trust


Clara Carbon sponsored the plantation of trees by the Native Woodland Trust in Ireland. The woodland will regenerate naturally and provide a safe haven for wildlife and people alike – in perpetuity.

Wind Project


The Burgos Wind Project is the largest wind farm in the Philippines. At the time it was built in 2014, it was also considered to be one of the largest wind farms in South East Asia.



The project is developed by Mangalam Timber Products Limited (MTPL) and consists in carbon sequestration of degraded land through reforestation activities.

Hydro Electricity


The purpose of the project is to utilize the hydrological resources of the Tinguiririca, Portillo and Azufre Rivers in a run of river scheme to generate and supply zero emission energy to the Chilean central electricity grid.